In the consulting industry three things really matter at the end of the day as far as delivering superior bottom line enhancing results: People, Tools, and Experience.


Our senior staff are not sales and marketing people – they are “in the trenches” consulting professionals coaching and leading teams of researchers, analysts and thinkers working with and on behalf of clients.

We use an apprenticeship model so our junior people are mentored by some of the smartest and best business strategists and thinkers in the world. We find the right combination of brilliant, hardworking and practical-minded raw talent and then mold them into superior business advisors for our clients. Our people must excel in the hard sciences of business decisions and the softer arts of management while working with clients to bring about beneficial change.

We only promote from within but cast a very wide net for new talent. Our highly selective recruiting process takes place at the finest universities and graduate schools across the globe.

Because we take a very quantitative and fact-based approach to business issues our professionals generally have undergraduate degrees in highly quantitative fields such as engineering, mathematics, economics or one of the physical sciences. We believe that people who are skilled in finding, analyzing and interpreting data make the best consultants for our brand of consulting – using facts, not opinions, to make business decisions. Every recommendation we make is meticulously supported by solid evidence.


Mars & Co has developed an extensive set of tools and methodologies which it deploys in a customized and integrated fashion to provide its clients with superior solutions for complex issues.

Mars & Co’s senior leadership spends considerable time and effort enhancing existing tools and developing new tools and techniques to address client issues as business trends emerge and new types of business information become available.

Because of the nature of our “toolkit” and our client-centric approach, we strive to offer clients highly customized approaches to addressing their important issues. We draw on our toolkit as needed to craft the solution that exactly fits the clients’ needs. The result must be superior outcomes based on a customized approach applied specifically to unique situations.


Relevant experience matters. Our clients know and value both the deep industry-specific knowledge we have developed about their businesses and the functional knowledge we have accumulated by working as business strategy generalists across many industries for many years.

Working across industries has taught our professionals how to rapidly and efficiently diagnose and treat business problems or identify attractive opportunities in any business situation in any marketplace.